Though internet was born long before most of today’s internet savvy people were born, the best phase of the internet is being witnessed today. With dial-up connections now a page in history, we are today witness to high speed broadband internet which has changed the purpose of using the internet.When internet was born and its coming later years, the maximum that internet was being used for was to send and receive emails that too at the utmost basic level. Today, it is not only used for the business or official purposes, but as a source of entertainment as well. We are able to stream full time movies on internet; thanks to the availability of high speed broadband internet. Though digital revolution in the and the dawn of the new millennium wasn’t a big deal, the point remains is that there is one phase of the whole revolution which changes the perspective of the product or service.Making use of this exemplary development, there were many companies which decided to enter the business of high speed broadband internet. And though there is a lot of competition in this field, it does not need to be mentioned that at what profit margins, the internet service providers are working today.Since the digital revolution was a property of the west, they were the first ones to reap in the benefits of High Speed Broadband internet too. And have thus been able to establish of miles of intercity route fiber to make the high speed broadband available across the area or country.Giving what the people want is a major break or make-point for any internet service provider. The companies who have understood this are today sitting on a pile of money and need not worry whether or not their company will grow in the future because they know for a fact that internet and that too high speed broadband internet would be required till the day the world comes to an end.When the service provider diversifies to be able to provide data connection to the customers that are not redundant, the service provider knows that they have strengthened their market presence across and a whole lot of customers. While this strategy will make them grow stronger now and in the future, a little tweaks here and there will always be required.What people today want is something unique by their service provider and service providers need to be ever inventing itself because today, people have ever changing needs. It is difficult to put a time frame to the fact that when would the customer want something new. In such a scenario, there are a few service providers who have actually managed to unleash the Internet’s true potential and will lead to a promise that a seamless connected future becomes a reality. Hence, there will be a day when high speed broadband would become redundant, but for sure the service providers would be ready for it.